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Sunday 04 November
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Today we went to the teaching zoo at Santa Fe College.  It's pretty small, but still neat.  I think that many of the animals here are here because they cannot live outside on their own... we definitely saw some birds that appeared to only have one good eye and animals with other injuries.  

Whenever I visit a zoo and think about how the day proceeds from the perspective of an animal, I always feel the rest of the world melt away.  The activity of the day happens in the morning, the playing and the foraging... the afternoon is for napping and grooming.  There is no 'to do' list, there are no errands to run, no phone calls to make, no bills to pay.  Just the day stretching out before you, simple and unscheduled.  It relaxes me immediately. :)

I apologize that a couple of these are a little soft... all the photographs (except the peacocks) was taken through screen/mesh/cage so sometimes it got in the way a little bit.



Galapagos Tortoises


Bald Eagles


The Angry Black Swan


Good ol' painted turtles (... and some fish)


Asian Barking Deer


An exceedingly cute turtle of the Asian variety (sorry... I forgot what kind!)


Lemurs!  Orange tufted, I think...


Squirrel Monkey


Kookabura (so puffy and cute!)




Barred Owl


Barn Owl


Natural Florida Honey Bee Habitat


Hawk-headed Parrot






Wanna see some armadillos too? Gotcha covered!

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