What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day
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Saturday 22 April
By Kristin Kozelsky
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For an adult, trying to come up with a Mother's Day gift that's more unique than the last 30 years of Mother's Day gifts is anxiety-inducing. Every year we are compelled to thank our mothers in the form of flowers, brunch, candles... They deserve all these things and more for putting up with us. But what do moms really want? 

Along with all the other things going on in their lives, mothers want to feel close to their children. Whether new moms or grandmothers, they want to make good memories with their loved ones. Particularly because photos are especially hard to get with fully grown children, booking a photoshoot with mom is the best kind of gift. When was the last time she saw you and your siblings in the same room? 

This Mother's Day don't just send your mom a card, create a family heirloom. Imagine how endearing it will feel to be able to give these photos to your own children one day.


Family photoshoots are customized to reflect your family and their unique personalities. Book your shoot in the month of May and get $50 off. Call or email me for details.

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