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Tuesday 03 April
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I attended the beer and cheese tasting at Citizens Co-op this past Friday... it was awesome!  You get beer from local breweries and cheese from local artisan cheese makers.  On top of that, there is music from some great performers.  In addition, they had a travelling photo exhibit that focuses on a sustainable food supply.  All in all, a really good evening!  When I get the names of the performers, I'll add their information in the comments of this post. :)

Beer from:

Swamp Head Brewery (in Gainesville)

Tall Paul's Brewhouse (in Gainesville)

Cigar City Brewery (in Tampa)


Cheese from:

Sweetgrass Dairy (in Thomasville, GA - they have a fantastic beer, wine and cheese store in downtown Thomasville and you can visit the farm and meet the baby goats!  It's a great trip if you've got a free day!)

Cypress Point Creamery (in Hawthorne)

Wainwright Dairy (in Live Oak)




Wanna see some awesome produce you can get at the Co-op?  Right here, baby.

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Saturday 08 January
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We went to Stubbie's and Stein's last night after work for some beer.  I had a Gavit Pils for those who are interested.  I used to be able to get Zlaty Bazant on tap there, but that's been off the rotating menu for a while.  So sad...  For the record, this is not my empty glass.  Those of you that know me well know that I am really bad at drinking a whole glass of beer.  So here's to Dan, my friend, co-worker, and loyal beer-finisher.  

50mm 1.4, f/1.4, 1/4sec, ISO 1600, no flash