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Friday 04 February
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I just added these three items to Etsy... and I woke up to a lovely surprise: I had some mini-cards featured in a new Treasury!  Go check it out, there are some really unique items in there :)





Thursday 25 March
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I had a stressful moment at work yesterday.  It got me all riled up so I decided to take a break and run an errand to chill out a bit.  As I was walking to my destination, I saw a bee in a little patch of flowers that had established themselves in an un-mowed lawn.  Since I hardly ever go anywhere without my camera, I pulled it out and crouched down to get these shots.  I have to say, taking a walk and a few quality moments with my camera really did the job and I felt much better.


Late March and April are a beautiful time here in Central Florida; the azaleas, camellias, and other flowers start to bloom, and soon there will be flowers everywhere.  For now, these little purple wild flowers will do the job :)