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Tuesday 26 March
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A winter walk on the beach...




To see some a couple more from the first coast,  click here!

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Wednesday 02 November
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This was a lovely, small wedding at the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton.  Tonisha and Chris were fortunate enough to have their family and preacher join them for their destination wedding down here in Florida.  They could not have had a better day: the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, and it was not too hot!  A rare day down here. :)


Join me in wishing them a long and happy future together!  I have no doubt that their relationship is built to last whatever trials may come along... what a beautiful thing.













































Thursday 01 September
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We had a lovely day at the beach just recently - it was our first trip to the beach in several months.  We were accompanied by the fantastic Erin and Nick and enjoyed a lovely little picnic after frolicking in the waves :)













Tuesday 21 September
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Two weeks ago, we went to St. George Island on the Gulf Coast.  Ironically, the only gas station on the island is operated by BP :-/

I think we were both secretly a little nervous about seeing a bit of oil, especially as we saw patches of UID brown stuff on a few of the beaches along the way.  Fortunately, the beaches on the island were beautiful.  Part of the island is a nature preserve, so it was great to see that everything was clean.  

The water was exceptionally warm, especially compared to the previous weekend's beach trip to St. Augustine on the 'first coast' as they like to call it.  The water was about 70 with huge waves (well, north Florida huge).  At St. George, the water must have been at least 85, if not warmer.  It was almost uncomfortably hot.  Anyway, we did see some wildlife: two types of jellyfish, horseshoe crab, your standard tiny beach crabs, porpoises (yay!), a large blue crab, a couple of little yellow-finned barb-like fish that tried to school with us, and all your standard beach birds.

It was a pretty good day, I have to admit :)

Wednesday 23 June
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At long last, here are a selection of processed shots from Maggie and Todd's engagement shoot in St Augustine!






Thanks for a great day, guys!  Can't wait for the wedding next month :)